The number 1 thing each and every one of us needs is water. Access to pure, clean water is something every household should have. This is why a home water filtration system can be a fantastic investment to improving the quality of your tap water. At Aqua Water Tech Inc., we’ve helped families around Broward County install filters in their home to help purify their water supply. This helps with improved taste and texture of your tap water for drinking as well as softens the water for your skin and hair. A great first step to improving your home’s water quality is finding water tanks for sale. This is why we’d like to take the time to describe the Zilmet Hydro-Plus Well Tank.


About the Zilmet Hydro-Plus Well Tank

With over 50 years of experience, Zilmet knows how to produce high-quality water tanks for your home system needs. The Hydro-Plus Well Tank has a sleek, compact design that emphasises clean, easy-maintenance handling. There’s no corners or other areas where sediment or bacteria can build up, the stainless steel side connection makes installing the tank easy, fast, and inexpensive, it comes with a 5 year warranty for all sizes. Other features include:

  • Low-profile tank design
    • The design of this tank helps prevent the diaphragm from stretch and extends the lifespan of the tank.
  • Powder coated finish
    • This adds durability to the exterior of the tank, and further extends its lifespan.
  • MIG welding
    • The way our tanks are welded leaves them smooth and flawless with no rough spots of sharp edges. This makes handling and installation a breeze.
  • Seamless NSF 61 certified low permeability butyl diaphragm
    • This means that water is never creased or channeled directly to the outlet and prevents the development of bacterial growth pockets.

Crystal clear well water is something every Florida homeowner deserves, and the Zilmet Hydro-Plus Well Tank is the best option for ensuring high-quality, long-lasting water filtration.


More About Our Tanks for Sale

When you need to find the perfect tank for your home water filtration system, Aqua Water Tech Inc. has over 25 years of industry experience with water systems and well water installation. We strive to help Florida families have access to crystal clear water from the tap. Because water is such an important part of human survival, having access to the best quality water is such an important addition to one’s daily life. We aim to continue helping families have access to the best water available to them. 


Contact Us For Your Home Water Filtration System

Now that you know more about the Zilmet Hydro-Plus Well Tank, are you interested in establishing well water filtration in your home? If you need water tanks for sale, Aqua Water Tech Inc. has you covered. We have the best options available for your home water filtration system and can help make installation as easy, fast, and budget-friendly as possible. Don’t wait, call us today to learn more about our tanks and what we can offer. We can help families across Broward County.