The terms hard water and soft water are thrown around quite often in everyday life, and you may be wondering, as a homeowner, what the difference in hard and soft water may be. It is important for you as a homeowner to be informed regarding the different types of water in order to make the best decisions for your home and the health of your family members and loved ones who live with you. When there is a large amount of calcium and magnesium in water, it is then called hard water. Hard water is what is known to clog pipes and also may prevent soap and detergent from dissolving fully in water. Water softening is a technique that removes the ions in water that make it “hard.” Generally, these ions tend to be calcium and magnesium. It is also possible that softening water may also remove iron ions. Using a water softener system is the best way to soften water and connect it directly to the water supply. Read on to learn more about water softening and why you may need it. Aqua Water Tech, Inc. is a top provider of water filtration systems in Broward County. Contact Aqua Water Tech, Inc. today for your water softener installation needs today!


Why You May Need Water Softening


First of all, let us discuss the mechanisms of a water softener and the reasons that water softening may be necessary in some households and areas of residence. Through the process of taking out the minerals that cause the water to be hard, a water softener system is able to soften the water. The reason that water softening is important is due to the fact that the hardness of water in households and companies is cut down on through this process, and there are many drawbacks to having hard water that can thus be fixed. Hard water can clog pipes with mineral build up, and can cause soap to dissolve less easily. These negative effects can be prevented with water softening. A higher risk of lime scale deposits is caused in household water systems due to hard water. Pipes are blocked due to the lime scale build up, and it can also reduce how efficient hot boilers and tanks are. The cost of domestic water heating is then increased by about fifteen to twenty percent, costing homeowners more money in the long run. Moreover, lime scale build up can also hard your household machinery like the laundry machines. The life spans of your household machinery can be extended through water softening, and water softening is able to improve the efficiency and lifespan of solar heating systems, air conditioning units, and many other water-based machineries in your home.


Water Softener Installation You Can Trust


So how do water softeners work? These units function as specific ion exchangers that get rid of ions that are positively charged. The most common ions that are removed by softeners are calcium and magnesium ions, which are often called the ‘hardness minerals.’ Iron can also be removed by certain softeners, and water softeners come in different types of operative modes, such as automatic, semi-automatic, or manual. The amount of hardness that the softener is able to remove before regeneration is necessary is how each type of softener is rated.


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A water softener system can help extend the life of your household appliances and pipes. Aqua Water Tech, Inc. in Broward County provides water filtration for your household. For your water softener installation needs, contact Aqua Water Tech, Inc. today!