The Water Quality Association, or WQA, is an international not-for-profit trade association that represents the residential, commercial, and industrial water treatment industry. The Water Quality Association maintains a close dialogue with other organizations in representing the various different sides of the water industry so that it is able to best serve consumers, government standards, and members of the industry. The WQA plays an important role in how your daily water is processed and the quality of the water you drink, and functions as a resource and set of guidelines to the water treatment industry that we here at Aqua Water Tech, Inc. abide by. Read on to learn more about the importance of proper water purification as well as how the WQA assists in the process. Aqua Water Tech, Inc. is a top provider of water treatment systems in the Broward County area. Call Aqua Water Tech, Inc. today for your water softener system needs! 


What The WQA Does


So what exactly does the WQA do in its functions? The WQA acts as a resource and information source, a voice for the water treatment industry, an educator for professionals, a product testing laboratory, and a communicator about water to the general public. Water quality improvement involves the process of water treatment, or conditioning, in which water is filtered by any type of means to modify, enhance, or improve its quality or to meet a specific water quality need, desire, or set of regulations. Water treatment takes into account disinfecting and purifying untreated ground and surface water. Water quality is important for health, and can also help in getting your home appliances to last longer thanks to the softening of the water through treatment. In order to do so, you will need a water softener system. If you have ever looked into water softeners, you may quickly realize that there are many choices out there when it comes to choosing the right water softener for your home. The WQA “Gold Seal” of approval denotes that the water conditioner is top-notch and has gone through rigorous testing in order to meet high industry standards.


The Water Quality Association “Gold Seal”


The WQA Gold Seal functions as an international “Mark of Product Quality” and is one of the most recognized drinking water treatment certification programs in the world. Not all water treatment systems have the “Gold Seal,” and this certification is given by the WQA only to the most reliable and trusted producers of quality drinking water systems. In 1959, the WQA was the first organization to develop a set of standards and certification policies for products that treat drinking water. This program, called the Gold Seal Certification Program, began in 1960 and remains the oldest third-party testing and certification program available in the water treatment industry. 


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