There are many reasons to consider adding one of the many whole house water purification systems available on the market. Their primary function is to treat the water that comes into your home from your local municipality. By doing this, the system protects you and your family from harmful chemicals and contaminants that may be left in your water otherwise. On top of getting rid of these contaminants, a water filter benefits your skin as well. A leading company in Broward County, Aqua Water Tech Inc., can help you navigate the market of filter systems, so you choose the one that is best for your home and needs.


Water Filter Benefits and How It Can Affect Your Skin

One of the most common chemicals that is added to water at the municipal level is chlorine, which is used to help disinfect it. Although the addition of this chemical comes from good intentions and the goal is to provide safer drinking water, a high level of exposure to chlorine can present short and long-term consequences, especially when it comes to your skin.


You don’t only use the water from your tap for drinking you also use it when taking a bath or shower, which means you are standing or laying in the water for an extended period of time having it absorbed into your skin. It can also be released into the car through air conditioning systems. One of the most common short-term effects of exposure to chlorine is the stripping of your body’s natural oils. The purpose of these natural oils is to provide a protectant on your skin and act as a natural moisturizer. Because the chlorine is destroying these oils, you may experience acne, eczema, or rashes. The chemical could also irritate your respiratory tract leading to increased allergies. If you notice redness, tenderness, itchiness, scales, or inflammation your skin may have had too much exposure to chlorine.


Long-term exposure to chlorine also has a variety of adverse effects on your skin. Without water purification systems residents are at risk of developing respiratory allergies or asthma. Although this side effect is this common, it is possible for this to occur. A more common long-term effect is premature aging. Due to the ingredients within chlorine extended exposure is said to have the same results a prolonged exposure to the sun.


It’s impossible to prevent one hundred percent of the chlorine from passing into your home’s water, and your local municipality isn’t going to stop using the chemical to disinfect water obtaining a filtration system can drastically improve your water and skin. The chlorine is removed through an activated carbon stage when it passes through your house filter, into your pipes, and finally out of your faucet. Utilizing one of these systems can help remove up to ninety-seven percent of the chlorine from your water.


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