The cause of a rotten egg smell in a private well is usually hydrogen sulfide. It’s a smelly, colorless gas. Removing the smell from your water depends on the root cause of the problem. Which symptom applies to you? The experts at Aqua Water Tech, Inc. is here to help you find out. When it comes to sulfur smell in water, we are the experts you can trust. Our home water filtration system is the best in Broward County. 


Why Eggs?

Determine if the smell is coming from hot or cold water.

  • My hot water smells like rotten eggs:
    • Hydrogen sulfide is a colorless gas that smells like rotten eggs. And it’s a common problem for water from private wells. To fix the problem, we’ll need to find the root cause of the gas. Here are a few possibilities:
      • Removing the rod can remove the smell, but shorten the life of your water heater tank. An aluminum or zinc rod is more expensive but could fix the problem.
      • Culligan can also add FDA-approved corrosion inhibitors to your water. This allows you to remove the anode rod without losing corrosion protection safely.
      • But if nothing else works, a dealkalizer system can remove sulfate from your water.
  • My cold water smells like rotten eggs:
    • Sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB) cause cold water to smell like rotten eggs. The bacteria thrive in poorly aerated plumbing and corrode metal parts. And naturally occurring sulfates fuel the bacteria.
    • You’ll smell SRB if your water hasn’t run for a few hours. Like in the morning, when you first get a glass of water.
    • Shock-chlorination and Culligan’s chlorine feed system are highly effective. They can kill and prevent sulfate-reducing bacteria from forming.
  • What if it’s both?
    •  Hydrogen sulfide is a root cause, like sulfur or bacteria. But if both your hot and cold water smell, it’s probably caused by naturally occurring hydrogen sulfide.
    • The only solution is to remove the gas. So depending on your water conditions, Culligan offers multiple treatments. 
    • Chemical feeds, and carbon filtration can help. But choosing the right treatment will require a visit from one of our experts. We’re trained and equipped to test your water for contaminants and offer the perfect solution.


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