If you have a well then you know the benefits of what it can provide, but if you don’t then it is definitely something worth considering. Not only is well water free, but it is also pumped directly from the water table, making it full of natural minerals and nutrients that your body thrives on. One downside to owning a well is the electricity used to run it, but it is made up for with the tax breaks received and the money saved over time. If you have the option for even a shallow well, the products that go in to operating it will be the tools to save you money down the line. The use of a shallow well pump in your well can make the process of receiving free water something your wallet will thank you for! The people of Broward County and all of South Florida can thank Aqua Water Tech for bringing you the products that make owning a well the only choice worth considering! 


Reliability of Owning a Well

The ease of installing a well will baffle you! A well can be drilled and placed anywhere the equipment will fit, it can be a reliable source of water for generations and can save you quite a bit of money come tax season. The ease of operating a shallow well is made much easier thanks to the Shallow Well JS+. The Shallow Well JS+ is one of the most reliable well pumps on the market, turning your already reliable well into something you can fully depend on. Together with a top of the line well water filtration system, the JS+ can give you water pressure and clarity that you couldn’t get off the water grid, did I also mention that the water is free? The JS+ is an FDA approved piece of equipment that you can trust not to degrade and contaminate your water. Made with FDA approved plastics and metals, as well as built right here in the USA, the Shallow Well JS+ is the perfect choice for your well system!


Why choose this shallow well pump?


The JS+, offered by Aqua Water Techs of Broward County, can be installed out of the box making it one of the easiest pieces of well equipment on the market. Knowing that you don’t have to pay extra for an installation fee can allow you to rest easy knowing your well water system is running because of you. The pride taken in installing something yourself as practical as a well is something you can be proud of. Also, pumping out up to 105 gallons per minute, the shallow well JS+ is the obvious choice for your shallow well! A well water filtration system along with the JS+ can bring clean, clear, and safe water directly into your home for nothing but the cost of installation!


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The decision to install a shallow well at your home has never been easier! The Shallow well JS+ along with a well water filtration system will not only change your life, but it will save you enough money to get back to doing what you enjoy! Nothing will feel better than bragging about how much money your shallow well pump has saved you! With all thanks going to the great providers over at Aqua Water Techs in Broward County, you can rest easy that you will not have to worry about losing water in a time of need. Your shallow well pump has you covered to stay clean, hydrated, and healthy! Contact Aqua Water Techs today at (786) 512-5591 or visit aquawatertech.com to learn what a well can do for you!