Aqua Water Tech, Inc, is an organization that is dedicated to improving the water quality throughout all of the South Florida Area. Here at Aqua Water Tech, Inc. we provide water purification as well as water treatment services for all residential, commercial, and a majority of industrial applications. We are also able to specialize in a water filtration system. One of our top water purification systems is our reverse osmosis water system. It is a purification system that is highly effective and built for providing you with the highest quality water. Read on to learn more about our Complete R/O system and why it may be the right fit for your water purification needs! Aqua Water Tech, Inc. services Miami-Dade County as well as decades of experience all across South Florida. Call Aqua Water Tech, Inc. today for your water filtration needs!


Dedicated To Your Water Quality


Here at Aqua Water Tech, Inc. we are dedicated to servicing the residents of South Florida in assisting them with their water quality needs. With over a quarter century of experience in the industry servicing customers throughout the Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Monroe, Collier, and Lee Counties, we have the broad industry knowledge and experience to provide you with premium sales, services, and installations of American-made water purification/treatment appliances that have been certified by the WQS and NSF, International for all of your needs. One of our top water filtration systems utilizing state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge features is our commercial r/o water system. Reverse Osmosis is one of the most comprehensive water filtration methods on the market today. R/O Filtration is able to treat a large array of health and aesthetic contaminants. R/O Filtration is able to get rid of contaminants ranging from unwanted taste, color, and odors, to the more serious health issues such as arsenic, asbestos, atrazine (herbicides/pesticides), fluoride, lead, mercury, nitrate, and radium. There are many different runoff chemicals and minerals in your water that you may want t deal with, which is why so many people choose to get water purification systems.


Reverse Osmosis Water System


The R/O water system that we at Aqua Water Tech, Inc. offer has some amazing state-of-the-art features to provide you with the best quality of water. Here are some R/O Low Pressure Features:

  • NSF Certified Membranes
  • Stainless Steel Membrane Housing
  • FRP Membrane Housing Options
  • Gould’s Stainless Steel Pump
  • TDS Monitor for Product and Feed
  • Low Pressure Safety
  • Product and Drain Flow Meters
  • Stainless Steel Drain Valve
  • SS Operating Pressure Gauge
  • SS Inlet Solenoid Valve
  • Powder Coating Steel Frame
  • 1- 2 x 20 Sediment Pre-Filter
  • 115 Operating PSI
  • 1/2 HP Motor, 115/230V
  • Available in Single or Double Membrane


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We at Aqua Water Tech, Inc. are dedicated to improving the water quality of South Florida residents. One of the top water purifications systems that we at Aqua Water Tech, Inc. offer to our clients is the reverse osmosis water system, which is able to strain out a wide range of contaminants. Call Aqua Water Tech, Inc. in Miami-Dade County for your water purification needs today!