When it comes to drinking purified water, there are some common misconceptions about them. Whether or not you have a water filtration system in your home, there still may be questions that you have. That is why Aqua Water Tech, Inc. in Miami-Dade County is helping educate people on water purification and what exactly that means. Keep reading to learn more about the topic and to get some common myths busted!


Understanding Myths About Purified Water

Like many other things having a water filtration system can mean a number of things. The spectrum goes from removing some contaminants and chemicals all the way to producing 100 percent pure water. No one wants to drink chemicals or contaminants in their water, especially when they are giving it to their families or kids. As these concerns begin to rise, and people start stressing this situation, new myths begin to form, making people more and more nervous. The record is finally getting set straight below! 

  • Myth 1: City water is highly purified: City municipalities supply over eighty percent of a town with their water every single day. Because this water is getting supplied to the masses the chance that it is being appropriately filtered is not that likely, which means the water that is coming out of your faucet isn’t as pure as you may think. The chemicals that are used to disinfect the water, making it safe to drink can affect not only the smell but also the taste. Despite the fact that your body will become accustomed to this, it is still something you want to avoid. 
  • Myth 2: Chlorine is the only chemical that needs to be removed: Although Chlorine and Chloramine are the most detectable in water because of the smell and taste there are a number of other chemicals that need to be removed for your water to be pure. 
  • Myth 3: Water purification will take out minerals your body needs: It is impossible to get all of your minerals through water. Despite the fact that the purification process will remove some of the minerals, it won’t negatively affect your health. 
  • Myth 4: The filters you can buy at the store are as good as reverse osmosis: The convenience of these products and their price make them an easy purchase that you can rely on to keep your water pure, but they don’t necessarily do the job that they say they do. Most of the time, their advertisements say they remove 99.9 percent of contaminants, but that isn’t the truth.
  • Myth 5: Reverse osmosis filters can only go under the sink: It is true that many box store systems or online water purifiers need to go under the sink, the reverse osmosis systems don’t necessarily have to. You can now install central water purification. This means that there are purified lines running throughout your home to different locations. 


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