Water is an essential part of our lives. We use it daily to shower, cook, and stay hydrated throughout the day. All of these activities require direct contact with the liquid fluid, which is of primary need for our survival and good health. Given its importance, it’s a matter of critical relevance to ensure the quality is at top condition for consumption. Aqua Water Tech, Inc., the water solution company located in Miami-Dad County (actually serves all of South Florida), has an outstanding variety of products designed to bring the highest level of purity in the water we consume. The Microline water filter is the home water filtration system you need to join the many people benefiting from advantages that will improve your life. 


Haven’t Found a Water Treatment Solution for your Home? This System Might Be the Best Option for You!

The water we receive at home, from a well or the local grid managed by the municipality, does not meet the best quality standards and conditions it could have for a more adept human consumption. 


If you are already aware of this situation and are currently looking to improve it by installing a practical and efficient solution in your household, Aqua Water Tech, Inc. happens to know what is the home water filtration system for you!


So, the time has come for you to start enjoying the health benefits that only an impurity-free glass of water can offer, which can be quickly done by installing the purposeful Microline filter. 


How Does the  Microline Water Filter Work? 

We all need water, that’s a resounding fact. Water helps our bodies stay hydrated, remove toxins, protect body parts, regulate temperature, and enhance the circulation of cellular organisms, enzymes, and proteins.


It’s for each of those reasons we need to consume top quality water. Otherwise, there’s a giant risk to lose those benefits, endangering good personal health.


The design of the Microline filter is a technology that offers the separation of impurities via Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) featuring a Thin Film Composite (T.F.C.) membrane, which produces a fast rate of sparkling-clear and fresh drinking water. 


The system comes with a tank and three cartridges suited for separated processes in sequence:

  • Pre-filtration, where debris and other (large) solid particles are caught and disrupted from moving forward. 
  • Membrane separation, which serves to trap the remaining tiny solid particles still present in the water.
  • Final polish, done via carbon filter to diminish taste and odor.


The top-performance filtering system is cost-effective and produces crystalline, tasty, and odorless water ready to drink and used to make coffee, juice, tea, and more cooking. 


From Aqua Water Tech, Inc., you can buy the Microline filtering system as well as the installation services in Miami-Dad County (actually serves all of South Florida).


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