Many homeowners have decided to install a whole house water filter system to ensure that all of the water that comes out of their faucets is clean. One upside to having a home water filtration system is that once it’s installed, there is little to no maintenance that needs to be done. The main requirement that these systems have is that the filters are changed at the correct time to make sure they are always working to their best ability. However, most people don’t know when the right time to replace their filters is. This can put you in a bad situation because leaving the filters in some of the components for too long can cause irreversible damage that could end up costing you a lot of money. If you have one of these systems and aren’t sure when you should be changing the filters it is a good idea to speak with experts in the field who can help you obtain the knowledge you need to care for your filtration system properly. If you’re in Broward County Aqua Water Tech, Inc. can not only supply you with a new system, but they will truly partner with you to make sure your whole system is always working at its best.


How Often Should You Change The Filters in Your Whole House Water Filter

Like any type of equipment, you choose to install in your house having a home water filtration system requires you to learn about the device as well as how to take care of it. You can get a lot of information talking to other people who have the same system as you or asking questions to the experts who helped install the system in your home, but it is still crucial that you take the time to do your research too. One of the biggest problems with filtration systems is the need to replace the filters in some of its components. Although this seems like an easy task a lot of people overlook it until it’s too late and damage has been done. Following some of the tips below can help you get a better understanding of your system’s filters and when the appropriate time to change them is.


Some filters need to be replaced on a regular schedule in order to function correctly and effectively. The job of these filters is to trap debris and sediment and stop them from getting into your home’s water. However, because this is their job, it’s easy for them to become clogged after continued use for a few months, which makes it extremely difficult for water to pass through. This component is the first line of defense when your water is getting clean so ignoring its maintenance will mean your water isn’t getting cleaned as well as it should be and there may be debris left in it. It is recommended that you replace this pre-sediment filter every three to six months to ensure that it’s continuing to work up to an optimal level.


There are some filters that you can choose to add on to your filtration system, and one of them is a sub-micron post-filter. The job of this filter is to remove microscopic particles that might be able to get through the traps of your pre-sediment filter. Some of these particles are harmful protozoa like Cryptosporidium and Giardia Lamblia. If you’re a homeowner who chooses to add this filter onto your system, it’s recommended that you change it every nine to twelve months.


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