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Flow Guard Water Softener System

flow guard water softener system Water Filtration System

Flow Guard Water Softener System

Aqua Water Tech, Inc. is an organization that is dedicated to bettering the water quality throughout all of the South Florida Area. We specialize in providing water purification, water filtration systems, and water treatment services for all residential, commercial, and most industrial applications.  With more than two decades of industry experience servicing customers throughout the Miami-Dade, Palm Beach, Monroe, Collier, Lee, and Broward Counties, we have garnered a lot of industry experience and are confident in our ability to provide you with the best offering on the market.  Utilizing our broad industry knowledge and experience, we provide sales, service, and installations of American-made water purification/treatment appliances (water filtration systems) that have been certified by the WQA and NSF, International for just about all of your needs. We know how important it is to have efficient water conditioning, which is why we offer the Flow Guard Water Softener System. Call Aqua Water Tech, Inc. for your water treatment needs!  Aqua Water Tech, Inc is here to make sure all Florida residents in the Broward County and Miami-Dade County as well all of South Florida can feel safe drinking from their water supply. That’s why today we would like to introduce you to our new Aqua Pure water filter, the 3MFF100 Full Flow Drinking Water System..  The 3M™ Under Sink Full Flow Water Filter System 3MFF100 is the newest member of the 3M Aqua-Pure filtration family and one of our best water filtration systems yet. It’s the perfect system to be installed for residential or commercial use because of its compact nature. Whether you want it under your kitchen sink or underneath a public water fountain, the 3MFF100 Full Flow Drinking Water System will fit like a glove. Below are some of its other wonderful features:

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flow guard water guard Water Filtration System

High Efficiency Conditioning For Both City and Well Water

When you install the Water Guard Softener System, you get the benefits of four units in one! 

  • Softens water – This system reduces minerals the water may contain, such as calcium and magnesium, which are the causes of hard water. Hard water can have a bad taste and/or odor and also make laundry feel stiff. Excessive soap and detergents are necessary in order to overcome the hardness of the water. With the Water Guard Softener System you’ll get rid of the problems that hard water causes and make your clothes, skin, and hair feel clean. 
  • Removes/Reduces Iron – Some areas of residence will pump ground water to the residents, which is naturally high in iron. You can tell by the red or yellow staining of plumbing fixtures, laundry that comes back discolored, and an unpleasant odor and taste. The Water Guard Softener System effectively gets rid of these traces of iron.
  • Clarifies – Underground water sources may contain very fine particles of clay and certain other materials, which can end up making water somewhat cloudy and odd-tasting. Hard water can also leave mineral spots and soap streaks on dishes and silverware. The Water Guard Softener System will greatly lessen spots, color, taste, and odor. Filters reduce sand, sediment, and pipe scale, which can accumulate in any municipal or well water system. The Water Guard Softener System is a perfect filter when it comes to getting rid of such particle matter.

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Here are some fantastic features of this revolutionary water softener system:

  • The Flow Guard Water Softener System is engineered for years of trouble-free operation
  • There is a timer option where you can select program cycles to meet your needs
  • Set/time clock regeneration
  • Programmable regeneration
  • Meter option
  • Auto regeneration based on usage
  • Hall-effect turbine
  • Reserve calculating for optimal efficiency
  • Override to day selections
  • 63 day history report 
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