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Commercial LP 1000 RO Light Commercial System

Complete RO Systems Water Filtration System

Complete LP 1000 RO Light Commercial System

Are you actively looking for a commercial water filtration system that is capable of improving your drinking water quality? How about effectively removing the traces of hazardous components? We have the perfect solution to your query! It’s the LP 1000 RO! This light high-performance commercial reverse osmosis system is the top product to buy to see an immediate positive difference in the water you are consuming. Let our specialized team tell you why! Contact us at any time for further requests. Aqua Water Tech, Inc. is available to service all the residents of Miami-Dade County, Broward County, and the surrounding areas.

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lp 1000 ro Water Filtration System

Features of the LP 1000 RO

In our product catalog, we offer many practical and effective solutions for many different applications. Yet, when it comes to recommending a light low-pressure (150 PSI) reverse osmosis system that is accessible for commercial use and can handle up to 1000 gallons per day, the LP 1000 RO stands out as the top choice.

The standard features of the product are:

  • NSF Certified Membranes
  • Stainless Steel Membrane Housing
  • Procon Pump
  • TDS Monitor for Feed and Product streams
  • Low-Pressure Safety Cut Off Switch
  • High Pressure Cut Off Switch
  • Product and Drain Flow Meters
  • Stainless Steel Drain Valve
  • SS Operating Pressure Gauge
  • Inlet Solenoid Valve
  • Aluminum Frame
  • 1- 2 x 20 Sediment Pre-Filter
  • 115 Operating PSI
  • 1/3 HP Motor, 115V


Do you know what other great features users love? It’s the fact that in spite of being a high-performance filtration system, the LP 1000 RO accommodates in limited spaces, and it’s specified for low energy consumption (115 Volts and 375 Watts), and little maintenance while achieving high recovery rates.

Why Buying a Commercial Reverse Osmosis System Makes a Difference

A commercial water filtration system, like the LP 1000 RO, has the strong capability of performing thorough tertiary water purification, producing a highly cleaned water.

The system removes any traces of hazardous elements, such as arsenic, asbestos, fluoride, lead, mercury, nitrate, herbicides, pesticides, and radium. Each of those components is health-threatening to humans, intervening in the cause of high blood pressure, nerve/brain damage, infertility, and anemia.

Buy an LP 1000 RO and let your immune system boost and senses delight every time you enjoy a crystal-clear, odorless, and fresh-tasting glass of water!

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Complete RO Systems Water Filtration System

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