When it comes to the protection of your health and your family’s, you can’t afford to fall behind, avoiding the new possibilities spreading out to increase the vitality of everyone living underneath your rooftop. That’s why installing a home water filtration system is one of the most ingenious ideas you need to materialize in a short-term period. Getting the best whole house water filter system is a reality in Miami-Dade County, where the specialized company Aqua Water Tech, Inc. is providing professional services in the matter to assist you at home or your business. 


Why is a Downstream Water Treatment an Important Issue? Is it Worth the Cost?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average American family uses more than 300 gallons of water per day. 


The water used is treated (disinfected) in the public municipal drinking water systems located across the United States, to make it apt for human contact and consumption.


The treatment done by the municipality focuses on reducing the number of contaminants present in the raw water source, which mainly includes solid particles, bacteria, nitrates, and heavy metals (lead, mercury). 


The processes used to treat the raw water in the municipal public system relies on conventional treatments of high chemical product demand required by the coagulation-flocculation, sedimentation, and filtration units designed to reduce the pollutant content to safe standards for human consumption.


Regardless of the efficiency in the municipal water treatment plants, the latest technological advances suggest that having a complementary downstream polishing water system is an incredibly useful ally into a healthy lifestyle worthy of its cost, for these reasons:

  • Lowers the levels of bacteria and pollutants remaining in the tap water.
  • Reduces the chlorine and fluoride content.
  • Decreases cancer risks chances from chemicals and toxins.
  • Minimizes the carbon footprint.     


Where Can You Get the Best Whole House Water Filter System?

Getting the best home water filtration system is now a feasible reality, primarily if you work with professionals of indisputable know-how in the subject. 


Every day more and more people are starting to incorporate whole house water systems with Aqua Water Tech, Inc, an organization with 25 years of experience dedicated to bettering the quality of the water destined for human consumption. 


How Does a Whole House Water Filter System Work? 

The whole house filtering system will essentially raise the level of tap water from considered safe for human consumption to healthy water for human consumption.


Incorporating the filter system in your home is no trouble at all. The specialists will visit your location and determine the best place to set the new equipment, which includes a sediment pre-filter, stopping viruses, parasites, and bacteria, a second stage filter (copper-zinc and mineral) and third stage filter (carbon activated) for final chlorine, fluoride, and metals break down, granting you a totally beneficial healthy water for consumption.


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