Many lakes and ponds are covered with a slimy green substance called algal blooms. There are lots of questions posed; what are they, what do they do, and are they harmful? It is possible that the algal bloom you see is a harmful algal bloom, or HAB. The EPA has announced that 59% of blooms tested throughout the world have been deemed toxic. This affects millions of people since many of their water sources come from lakes and rivers. Read on to learn more about algal blooms and how to protect your family from toxins through algae water treatment. If you’re looking for a home water filtration system in Broward County or anywhere in South Florida, call Aqua Water Tech, Inc. today! 


Understanding Algal Blooms


Penn State researchers say that algal blooms are a result of excess levels of nitrogen and phosphorus in the water. Higher temperatures and long days make for a conducive environment for an HAB to form. There are around 100,000 miles of rivers and streams, 2.5 million acres of lakes, reservoirs, and ponds and 800 square miles of bays and estuaries in the United States that are impacted by nitrogen and phosphorus pollution, according to researchers at Penn State. When the pollution in water collide with other conditions, algal blooms are born. “Algae” that feeds on this nutrient pollution is also sometimes called “blue-green algae,” but is actually not really algae. It is really a photosynthetic bacteria called cyanobacteria. Sometimes a bloom will show up as “pond scum” on the water’s surface, and sometimes it is more dispersed. Once the blooms show up they are moved around by wind and water currents, and may be pushed towards drinking water intakes. If this happens then the drinking water source is contaminated by toxins the HABs produce. Researchers say that toxins in high enough concentration can cause illness, irritation, or in extreme situations, death for the humans or animals that drink or come in contact with the water. 


Algae Water Treatment


Not all algal blooms produce toxins, but a majority do. The EPA states that 59% of blooms tested around the world have been deemed toxic. Since a large percentage of algal blooms around the world have toxins, many people are searching for ways to protect the quality of the water they and their families drink. This is why you may want to install a home water filtration system. Aqua Water Tech, Inc. is a top provider of water filtration systems in Broward County. Come and browse our large selection of water filtration systems to protect your family from unwanted toxins in your water system!


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Algal blooms are a huge contaminant of water sources and it’s important to protect yourself and your family from algal toxins in your drinking water. This is why it’s important to install a home water filtration system that can filter out unwanted elements and toxins from the water that you and your family drink and use every day. Call Aqua Water Tech, Inc. for your Broward County (or anywhere in South Florida) algae water treatment needs today!